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TREE PROS Offers Affordable and Efficient Tree removal in Troy, MI

If you have trees or other plants in your home, you may require tree removal service someday. Having large trees in your property can pose a risk to you, your house, or even your family members. Large and old trees can also become pest-ridden. If you have a damaged or infected tree in your house, hire TREE PROS for tree removal in Troy, MI.

At TREE PROS, we make sure that all your trees and other plants get proper attention and maintenance services at the most affordable price plan. If the tree is already infected, we will then remove it efficiently.

Tree removal in Troy MI

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When do you need us?

A tree is always in need of professional treatment, particularly when it becomes a risk for your home or family members. No matter what sort of tree problems you are facing, TREE PROS can help you in any regard. Here we are mentioning some cases when you may need our services for tree removal in Troy, MI.

  • If your trees are becoming dead or unhealthy
  • Decaying signs in the trunk or root region
  • If your trees or some of their portion got damaged in a windstorm or heavy rain.
  • There are visible cracks or splits into the trunk or stems.


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We are experienced, professional, certified, bonded, and insured experts with experience of many years in the arboriculture field. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction, and the number of repeat customers we have stands a testament to their satisfaction with our service. We provide a vast variety of commercial and residential tree services using the latest machinery for tree removal and management.

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